Jonathan's Perspective  

May 23

'Created to LEAD!'

Many times when I ask people if they are leaders, they are shy about saying yes.  They think of a boss or supervisor, CEO or president as leader, but not themselves.  The fact is that God has created all of us to lead.  Instead of focusing on a position within an organization that 'makes' someone a leader, we need to focus on the relational ability to influence someone's life.  The people who have had the most positive impact on your life were probably those closest to you, a parent or coach, who you trusted and respected.  They were people who looked to your good without expecting anything in return.  It is their relational leadership that made the difference. The bottom line is that God created each one of us to lead, to use our influence in the world for kingdom purposes.

The writer of Genesis reveals two important things about us as human beings.  'Male and female [God] created them.  God blessed them & said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it."' (Gen 1:27-28) First, the Creator created creators.  God made people who would create, shape and form the generations to come.  God draws us into the creative process of developing people who will know, love and serve God with their whole hearts.  We partner with God in shaping the 'Garden' which includes the earth, the sea, and humanity.  God made us creative and calls us to use that creativity to bring about good results for creation and humanity. 

Second, God gave us 'dominion' over the earth.  Having dominion may be repugnant to the postmodern person who sees power as bad and coercive.  However, without the input of power and order, entropy sets in and chaos prevails.  God gave humanity power, 'dominion', to maintain and enhance live-giving order in the world and society.  The Hebrew word for 'dominion' used throughout the Old Testament is 'rada'.  To give you an idea of the complexity of this word, it is used to describe a master over servants, an administrator over employees, a king over subjects, and a shepherd over a flock, to name a few.  God puts within us the ability and authority to care for creation and people using all the talents, skills, intelligence and heart we have.  There is nothing half-way about the leadership God has entrusted to us at home, at work, in our neighborhood, and in the church.  All of these are sacred and are given to us to steward until Christ's return.

So, how are we doing with our parts of the 'Garden'?  Each of us has been given influence in peoples' lives and over parts of creation with which we can create a more fruitful and beautiful society.  May God grant us wisdom to use our marvelous capacities of creativity and influence for His glory.

Blessed to be a Blessing, 


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