Children's Events & Family Ministries


Children's Event  - We are focused in creating an environment where children can learn and celebrate God's Love and Grace with their families! Our focus is to teach children God's word and ways to make it real in their lives.  We are committed to recognizing and celebrating important Milestones of a child's spiritual growth!  

Family Ministries - all families are invited to join us for special events throughout the year to celebrate the love of God and our children.  with Such events as Mother-Daughter date, Mother-Son Date, Father-Daughter date, father-son, the Easter Party, fall festival, Christmas Family Fun Day, movie nights, and during the summer join us every Wednesday at 4 PM on the playground for snowballs, & a Bible story!

YO-YO's (Young Youth 5th & 6th grades) - Learn together about grace and mission!  Learn how our individual story fits in with God's big story in ways in which God has called us into action to transform the world around us.  The last Sunday of the month we meet to strengthen our knowledge, grow our faith and engage in Christian actions.  We are focused to learn, fellowship and missions.