We baptize infants within the faith community because the redeeming love of God, in Jesus Christ extends to all persons and because Jesus explicitly included the children in his kingdom. When you baptize your child, you are recognizing a fact that is already present in this child’s life: they are a child of God and Jesus died for them. Baptism is a means or vehicle of divine grace through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.

You are also making a covenant with God to nurture this child in an environment that will lead her or him to a commitment to live for Jesus in the body of Christ. Thus, at the heart of baptism is a commitment to nurture this child in a Christian environment, both in the home and in the life of the church. The questions of the baptism ceremony are asked not of the parents to answer on behalf of the infant, but on behalf of themselves. It is their commitment to God. For that reason, the parents must be actively involved in the church. If you do not have a vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, you cannot raise your child in the faith. In other words, you cannot pass on what you do not have.

In the baptism service, there is another commitment made as well and that’s by the congregation. Our faith is developed in the midst of others and in relationship with one another. The members of the church make a commitment to live in such a way that the child may grow in the knowledge and love of God and that they will surround this child with love and help to establish them in the faith and confirm and strengthen them in following Jesus. They make a commit to help you, the parents, in teaching your child the truths of the faith, to exemplify what a life centered on Jesus looks like and to hold you accountable in your faith journey so that you may continue to grow in your faith and have something to pass on to your children.

To schedule a Baptism, contact Natalie DiPasquale at the church and make an appointment with one of the pastors to discuss the commitment of baptism.